About ENA

The objectives of ENA

  • To unite the residents of the neighborhood by bringing neighbors together in more frequent contact with each other and encouraging them to plan and work together;
  • To preserve and enhance the neighborhood's residential character by seeking policies of zoning and codes enforcement;
  • To cooperate and affiliate in appropriate ways with other local, state, and national organizations having compatible goals; and
  • To promote the general welfare of the neighborhood.

Projects and Committees

Zoning & Codes Committee
This committee will focus on zoning hearings and happenings in the area, problem properties (codes violations), codes education, Conservation Zoning, broken street lights, etc. If you would like to join this committee or have questions, please contact

Communications Committee
This committee focuses on creating website and newsletter content, maintaining the website/blog, distributing the quarterly newsletter and sending emails about association meetings and event reminder/updates to those on our e-mail list. If you have a question about the website/blog, or would like to be on our email list, please contact Gracie Vandiver at communications@eastwoodneighbors.org.

If you would like to volunteer to hep with the newsletter (writing, creating or distribution), please contact Cliff Lippard at clippard@me.com.

Social Committee
Eastwood Neighbors holds a minimum of four social events each year (a requirement of our bylaws). Most of our social meetings are in the form of our Odd Month happy hours, which are held at various restaurants in and around the neighborhood on the second Tuesday of odd months.  Check our news page and our Facebook page for updates.

Want to Volunteer for ENA projects?
We are always interested in welcoming new volunteers. We have specific ongoing needs which include:

Newsletter Contributions/Writing
Social Committee/Fundraising
Zoning/Codes Committee
Newsletter Delivery

Additionally there will be special events throughout the year. We will ask for volunteers during that time by via this blog. If you would like to easily keep abreast of happenings with ENA, please sign up for our RSS feed.

What ENA has done in the past

Some of the projects that Eastwood Neighbors Association has worked on within the community are as follows:

Eastland Park renovation
Built swings for Cora-Howe elementary and refurbished the playground
Established the Welcome to Eastwood Neighbors signs
Clean-up efforts
Home tours
Conservation Zoning for a majority of the neighborhood