Sunday, October 1, 2006

Projects and Committees

Zoning & Codes Committee
This committee will focus on zoning hearings and happenings in the area, problem properties (codes violations), codes education, Conservation Zoning, broken street lights, etc. If you would like to join this committee or have questions, please contact either Jodi O’Hara at

Communications Committee
This committee focuses on maintaining the website/blog, creating and distributing the quarterly newsletter, and e-mail communications (association meetings and event reminders/updates) to those on our e-mailing list. If you have a question about the website/blog, please contact Julie Jones at

If you would like to volunteer to hep with the newsletter (writing, creating or distribution), please contact Kim Kennedy at

Cora-Howe Liaison
The Eastwood Neighbors Association works very closesly with Cora-Howe Elementary School and the Family Resource Center. Jerry Vandiver is our liaison and correspondent with the Family Resource Center. Jerry attends the quarterly Advisory Council meetings and gives updates at the general Association meetings.

Social Committee
Eastwood Neighbors holds a minimum of four social events each year (a requirement of our bylaws). In 2008 we had had two Sidewalk Clean-Ups that took place in Spring and Fall and Night Out Against Crime in August. If you would like to help coordinate social events or fundraisers for 2009, please email us at

Crime & Safety Committee
We are currently looking for a volunteer to head up this committee. This committee could comprise of a Neighborhood Watch program, a liason for the neighborhood who attends the weekly Crime and Prevention meetings at Beyond the Edge, etc. Last year we had a safety fair during one of our Association meetings, in collaboration with the Cora Howe Family Resource Center, that was a big success.