Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Don't forget your Pretty Property Award Nomination!

Nominations are due by Tuesday, June 12th!

Introducing the 1st Annual Pretty Property Awards for Eastwood Neighbors!

This spring, Eastwood Neighbors would like to recognize and honor our residents and local business owners who work throughout the year to keep their properties in top condition. Their exceptional landscaping, painting and general care for our little corner of Nashville adds to the welcoming spirit of our unique neighborhood and this is one way we want to say “thank you.”

Nominations will be accepted by email at and at our upcoming meeting to be held at Eastwood Christian Church on June 12th at 7:00pm.

You may nominate as many properties as you like; you may even nominate your own. Please include the property address and owner’s or business’ name. There will be winners in three categories to be judged by a qualified and unbiased local panel which is to be announced.

The categories are: Most Improved Property, Most Beautiful Business and Most Beautiful Residence

Our guidelines are:
*Properties must be within the parameters of Eastwood Neighbors
*Properties will be judged by what is visible from the street or sidewalk
*Properties must be nominated by June 12th, 2007

Each winner will be recognized at our July meeting and will receive a lovely yet tastefully discreet yard sign along with an exiting gift basket. In addition, the property named most Beautiful Residence will receive an original artist’s rendering of their property by Eastwood Neighbor’s own, Stacy Beam. So now is the time to put your best foot forward, get rid of that rusty old clunker that’s up on blocks, put some petunias in place of that old kudzu patch in your front yard, “round up” your sidewalk and look like somebody lives at your house who cares. We’ll all be even happier to be an Eastwood Neighbor!