Friday, August 17, 2007

Water tasting funny?

Many neighbors have been reporting that their water is tasting a little funny. Here is the response from Metro Water Services:

"Several factors present this time of year, such as amount of rainfall, low river flow, and warm river temperature, combine to produce a bloom of blue-green algae. This type of algae produces the compounds, geosmin and 2-methyl isoborneol (MIB) that give the water the characteristic taste/odor described as earthy and musty.

These compounds are not harmful to your health but can be displeasing to smell or taste. Refrigeration may lessen the objectionable taste and odor.

The most reliable method of treatment is the addition of activated carbon to the treatment process. Metro Water Services has been using activated carbon in the treatment process since May of this year and is currently adding optimal levels. Unfortunately, due to the severe drought conditions, portions of our distribution system are experiencing these "taste and odor" episodes.

Although we will continue to diligently work to resolve the issue, we will most likely experience intermittent issues with these compounds until temperatures subside or we receive some rainfall."