Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Meetings for a new Stormwater Plan

Stormwater, similar to trash collection and brush removal, affects all Davidson County residents.

In 2002, stormwater functions in Metro Davidson County were shifted from Metro Public Works to Metro Water Services (MWS), and a five year stormwater plan was adopted by the Metro Council. Over the past five years, this program has addressed stormwater flooding, drainage, and pollution problems. The program has achieved good success and solved many problems across the county.

The MWS stormwater program meets all of the requirements of the Federal Clean Water Act. It also protects the safety and quality of life for the residents in Davidson County.

The Metro Council has asked Metro Water Services to establish a new stormwater plan to continue the progress made under the initial plan. The goal at MWS is to continue improving this important program as it now faces a transition.

Community meetings will be held to discuss the current MWS stormwater program and the direction it will go in the future. Community input is important to us and we hope you will attend one of these meetings:

October 8 Gordon Jewish Community Center
October 11 Edmondson Pike Library
November 1 Inglewood Library
November 7 Looby Library

If you have any questions regarding the meeting, feel free to contact Sonia Harvat at 862-4494 or via email at Sonia.Harvat@nashville.gov.