Friday, June 27, 2008

Latest Crime tips from Bob Acuff off the Crime Listserve

Suspicious persons/activity
Bob Acuff
Jun 27, 2008 07:48 PDT

I'm not hearing reports of door knockers asking about alarms anymore.The last call I heard a week ago, a police supervisor responded that they have checked out numerous door knockers and they were all legit.Officers will no longer respond to door knockers asking about your alarm. If you don't think solicitors should knock on urban doors, complain to the company sending them.

Fireworks: A couple of the places I reported, the fireworks have disappeared. If you call police on a fireworks hotspot and decline to talk to an officer about it, it will just be a bolo.

Scooter thefts: protect your scooter if you park it outside at your home. Many times the device that locks the front wheel in a turn position can be broken. thief can push it away. The best solution is 3/8 chain and a cable, this requires two different tools. You will have to lock it to a large tree or a deck post.

Gasoline thefts: There have been several reported. Even if you have a locking cap you may find a hole in your tank. If you smell gas please investigate before driving away.

Catalytic converters & A/C copper: Legislation has been signed to make scrap metal difficult to sell from a shopping cart, doesn't go into effect until Sept.

Neighbors are doing a great job with descriptions of suspicious persons.

Shoplifting is on the rise, if you are heading into a store and see someone in a hurry to get out, make some mental notes, you may be the witness that counts.Watch out for gang activity and graffetti. Encourage owners of property with grafetti to blot it out asap, 24hrs is the goal.

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