Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer > More Crime - post from Bob Acuff

This is a post from Bob Acuff on the East Nashville Crime Listserve. It's some reminders regarding crime in the summertime.

We need to alert our block neighbors and all neighborhood orgs that public schools are out. Most of the thousands of juvs will have activities and/or jobs. It only takes one or two breaking into cars etc, to seem like a crime wave in a neighborhood.

Transients are on the move here now that the weather is good. Neighbors are reporting that some transients say the city of Louisville gave them a bus ticket to Nashville.

We depend on neighbors that are home during the day to keep an eye out on your alley. Report suspicious persons and activity to the police.

All neighbors should be suspicious of persons parking a car on a side street further than necessary from a restaurant or a bar. Robbers do this to ensure their getaway car will not be seen. Make a note of description & tag #.

Commander Nash asks us encourage neighbors to call in suspicious persons and activity. He says that police have caught burglars in a house several times because a neighbor called police.

Crime Prevent meet, Thurs 11am at Beyond the Edge.