Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Metro Brush Collection Dates

The brush collection dates are as follows:

Area 6 : Aug. 23, 2008; Dec. 23, 2008; April 23, 2009

Budget reductions will result in fewer rotations for Metro brush collection service beginning July 1, Metro Public Works (MPW) officials said today.

MPW will continue to collect all 12 brush routes, however the frequency of rotations will be three times each year instead of five. “Nashville residents will get their brush picked up, but the reality of our budget situation means we won’t be able to continue the five rotations or accommodate special requests, except in emergencies, such as storm and weather-related incidents,” MPW Director Billy Lynch said. “We urge all residents to plan their brush-cutting and tree-trimming activities according to the dates when Metro brush crews will be collecting in their areas.”

In addition, residents will be able to bring their brush for free to the Bordeaux Mulch Facility on County Hospital Road or the Omohundro Convenience Center off Lebanon Road, Lynch added.
The new brush collection dates are posted online at, and residents can also sign up online to receive email reminders for brush pickup in their areas. Signs with the revised collection dates will be posted at Metro’s Recycle Convenience Centers and Recycling Drop-Off Sites. MPW also plans to work with Metro Water Services and Nashville Electric
Service to include notices in monthly billing statements to their customers.

The frequency of other MPW services, such as litter pickup, alley cleaning and rightofway mowing, will also be affected, Lynch advised. Due to reductions in maintenance crew employees, MPW will have to strictly adhere to its route system of providing these services four times a year.

“We have restructured our remaining maintenance crews to be able to continue litter pickup and alley cleaning, and Sheriff Daron Hall has agreed to provide inmate crews to help with mowing,” Lynch said. “But residents should understand that our ability to respond to requests off the route schedule has significantly diminished.”

MPW and Metro Beautification and Environment staff will be stepping up efforts to coordinate more volunteer litter patrols and neighborhood cleanups, and are working with state officials to organize more crews of community service workers to help supplement the department’s right-of-way maintenance efforts, Lynch added.

MPW announces route schedules for litter, mowing and alley cleaning This is an example of the correct way to leave your brush for brush pickup. “Over the years I've had a growing personal interest in environmental issues and my family has always believed that you should be willing to do it yourself and be willing to help others do it when something needed to be done. I'm glad to be a part of this community effort.” John Ingram, Chairman of Ingram Industries, Inc. said.

The department’s website features a “Search for Your Public Works Services” link that allows residents to find dates and route schedules for all MPW services by typing in their street address. MPW Customer Service representatives are available at 862-8750 to answer questions and provide other assistance.

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