Thursday, July 10, 2008

Soliciting for yardwork, etc increases in warm weather

We recently had a neighbor bring to our attention that in some parts of Eastwood Neighbors there is a man who offers his handyman/yardwork services, then skips out after he has been paid, though he has not completed what he has agreed to do. This man has since become a "nuisance" to this area of neighbors, consistantly soliciting for work.

A good general rule of thumb to follow here is not to 'hire' anyone that you know nothing about who approaches you from off the street. Not only are you putting yourself and your family in danger (since you know nothing about this person), but you are encouraging him to come back to you and your neighbors again and again soliciting for regular work. He will eventually move on if you and your neighbors decide to band together with a simple "no thank you".

Another good rule of thumb when hiring someone is not to pay upfront for work that has not been completed. Only pay for services that have been rendered.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!