Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beautification of interstate exchange loops - YOU CAN HELP!

There is an exciting project that's underway in our neighborhood: a collaboration between TDOT, Rediscover East! and the Sheriff's Office to plant new trees along the Interstate exchange loops bordering East Nashville. If you're not sure what those are, they're the ugly, barren plots of land alongside the access ramps leading on and offthe highway between us and downtown. For years, they've been mowed down and left bare, so the first impression folks get when they'recrossing the river or leaving the interstate to get into ourneighborhood is, well, pretty uninviting.

Now's the chance to change that. The green gateway project is one that, after years of discussion, is finally within sight. A littl egrassroots effort + somegood timing with our friends at TDOT = beautiful, living gateways where there used to be barren fields. Together, we can turn those unsightly patches into a vibrant welcome to this equally vibrant neighborhood.

Here's how you can help: you can donate the cost of a tree throughyour tax-deductible contribution to Rediscover East! Donate a tree inhonor of a neighborhood pioneer or to honor the roots you've established in East Nashville. Or fund a tree as a living memory of afriend of family member. Or just buy one because you want our environment to be as welcoming as the neighbors who live here...that's what my family is doing. The cost per tree includes three years of maintenance, long enough for the small trees to establishtheir roots and begin (literally!) to change the horizon for ourneighborhood. Of course, you can make a contribution of any size if you're not picky about what kind of tree it will go to fund-- every little bit helps.

For more information, see the attached order form or visit If you visit the site, be sure to click on "Watch theTransformation." You can see the rendering of what these areas willlook like after the trees have established their roots- a picturesays a thousand words.

I hope you'll join me in changing our neighborhood's front door. Together, we can make this happen.

You can return your order form & contribution to:
Rediscover East!
POBox 68069
Nashville, TN 37206.

Or, if you want to be at the top ofthe list for a particular type of tree (since trees are first-come,first-reserved), you can email me or Carol Norton offlist to arrange for one of us to pick up your contribution and order form.

Carol's email is you want to email me, just clickreply. Thanks for your support for this exciting project- it's allabout first impressions.