Thursday, February 26, 2009

Riverfront Developement - March 7th meeting

In a period of nationwide investment in sustainability, infrastructure, and environmentally-friendly design of public projects, it is promising that Nashville is ready to take the green shovel to our riverfront. Recently, thousands of land planning professionals, community activists, and design experts underwent an exhaustive study to devise the best path forward for the downtown riverfront. Some of you were probably involved in this process. Over the course of 16 months, nearly $500,000, and hundreds of meeting hours, a collaborative action plan was designed to guide the city forward.

This final plan relied on a series of riverfront renovations deliberately sequenced to maximize impact, with the first components of the project to include prominent improvements and set the tone for the additional steps. Unlike any riverfront study that preceded it, the Riverfront Plan included a specific timeline for implementation and a commitment of capital funds from the city to make it a reality.

The first recommendation is the creation of an Adventure Park, Water Play and Urban Forest, located on the east bank and selected because it was the component most likely to attract families, creating an active destination for visitors to downtown with plentiful parking. Located between the Korean Memorial and the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge, this plan promises a remarkable attraction for all ages, from all parts of Nashville and for the benefit of visitors to our city. Adjacent to the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge, this space will allow downtown visitors a reason to cross the river to East Nashville and connect the two banks as a part of a single, vibrant public space.

At 10AM on Saturday, March 7th, MDHA is hosting a public forum to discuss the Riverfront Plan at the East Park Community Center. At a recent downtown presentation, Metro officials indicated a desire to "reassess" the plan to which we all already committed. Although thousands of Nashvillians spent over 16 months and a half a million dollars to develop this specific implementation plan and despite the commitment of the Metro Council to fund it, MDHA has yet to break ground on Phase 1. Please be sure to come out on March 7th to encourage MDHA to COMMIT TO THE RIVERFRONT PLAN. We have waited long enough. The funding is there. The public sentiment is clear. Come make your voice heard.

Thank you.
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