Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Volunteer Leadership Summit from Hands On Nashville

The Second Annual Volunteer Leadership Summit, presented by Hands On Nashville and Deloitte, brings together the nonprofit and corporate communities to share ideas for strengthening the volunteer experience and its impact. This year's summit will focus on Skills-Based Volunteerism, which enables trade and office workers to share their professional skills with nonprofits who need them. Skills-Based Volunteerism is important due to its significant economic impact and its response to the growing needs of nonprofits that operate with limited resources. Plus, Skills-Based Volunteerism provides volunteers with rewarding service experiences that increase retention rates.

The summit and lunch are FREE to attendees.

Featured Topics

Making it Green Revisited - 2008 attendees share their how they applied last year's ideas
Understanding Skills - Based Volunteerism - Deloitte Presentation
Engaging Employees - Guest Presentation
Connecting Skills with Needs - Hands On Nashville Presentation
Making it Happen - Group Activity
Networking is available during registration (8:30-9:00), lunch, and following the Summit (2:00-2:30).

Go here to see more and to register by Wednesday, June 10th.