Friday, August 21, 2009

Need to Recycle Electronic or Computer Equipment?

Green Earth Computer Recycling Services LLC

We found these guys at the Earth Day Festival and I just phoned them to find out a bit more about what they take and the costs associated.

They take all computer and electronic related stuff including cds, jewel cases, all computer equipment, TVs, vcr's, dvd players...all that kind of stuff.

I know we have a ton of all computer junk, cables, jewel cases, cds, etc just waiting to be thrown out because we wanted to find a place to take it that would recycle it!

Well, next week, this is where I'm going! They do all for FREE, except for computer monitors ($5) and TVs ($25).

Where? 1015 W. Kirkland Ave #102, Nashville, TN 37216
Contact? 615.262.9279 or

Happy Recycling!