Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do You Have Questions About Codes?

Greetings everyone,
Neighbors have wanted this for a long time! If you haven't heard of
it, KIVA is the computer database that Metro Codes uses. They have been
workingfor some time to make part of KIVA available to citizens for use so
that youcan check the status of Metro Codes violations and cases for specific
addresses whenever you want. Now, you can! (See below for further

The eventual plan is to have all Metro agencies that handle property
standards issues (e.g., Health Department) using this system (they do
alittle now, but it is my understanding that it is not as consistent).
Neighborhoods Resource Center anticipates holding a training in the
near future in conjunction with Codes to discuss this new tool as well as
to familiarize neighbors with the expanded NOTICE (Neighbors Organized to
Initiate Codes Enforcement) Program that is up and running. Stay
tuned for further details.

Carol McCullough
Neighborhoods Resource Center
Here is the "portal" to review actions on property standards cases...

Go to:

You will see "e-RFS Public Site" in a menu on the right side of the
screen...this will take you to the search engine which will allow you
search for information about specific addresses. A user guide has been
to provide assistance.