Monday, May 3, 2010

Nashville Flood of 2010 INFO

Level: Flood waters in the Cumberland River are at 51.5 feet and expected to crest at noon today.
Water conservation: The Mayor’s Office has issued an urgent request to conserve water, using it only for cooking and drinking. Yesterday, Metro Water Services was forced to shut down the K.R. Harrington water treatment plant, leaving only the Omohundro facility in operation. That plant is now operating at 120% capacity, and there is concern that we may experience a water shortage by week’s end unless conservation measures are taken. Current water quality measurements are good, and the water supply is safe for consumption. But please advise your friends and neighbors to use water ONLY for cooking and drinking for the next couple of days to ensure that our water supply is not depleted. Please try to cut your water consumption by half.
Contact immediate neighbors: If you can do so safely, please contact your immediate neighbors, particularly the elderly and infirm, to identify anyone in immediate need. If assistance is needed beyond your abilities, four Emergency Shelters are now in operation: (1) Shrine Temple, located at 1354 Brick Church Pike, (2) Bellevue Middle School, 655 Colice-Jeanne Road, (3) the Jewish Community Center, 801 Percy Warner Boulevard near Bellevue, and (4) the shelter at Lipscomb University’s Student Activities Building. However, the Lipscomb shelter has reached capacity.
Inspectors from the Metro Codes and Building Safety Department, the Fire Marshal’s Office, and Assessor of Property’s Office are conducting damage assessments of buildings and structures today. Inspectors from Public Works will be assessing infrastructure systems such as roadways and bridges while Water Services will be surveying drainage and other waterway system. Anyone who detects an odor of gas is urged to evacuate the area.
Power outages: As of 11:00 am, approximately 12,800 NES customers are without power. That is down from over 41,000 homes yesterday.
Contractors: Be wary of any individuals offering contractor services. Disastrous circumstances, unfortunately, can attract some unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of desperate homeowners and business owners under these circumstances.
Insurance policies / disaster recovery funds: Regrettably, the majority of damages sustained over the past 36 hours will likely not be covered under most homeowners policies. Flood plains residents who obtained federal insurance will be fortunate exceptions. Efforts are being discussed to schedule collective insurance policy reviews so that homeowners and business owners can maximize any available recovery dollars. The Nashville Bar Association will conduct its Dial-A-Lawyer program tomorrow (Tuesday) evening from 6-8 pm. Citizens with questions about their policies may contact the program at (615) 242-9272. In the coming days, FEMA and TEMA may also provide recovery through disaster relief funds.
Weather forecast: The National Weather Service forecasts no rainfall for the next five (5) days.

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