Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 Christmas Angels Program To Benefit Bailey Middle School Students

Please find information below about this year's Christmas Angels program for Bailey Middle School students that is being organized by Micheal and Patty Klamann. Please consider contacting the Klamanns in order to contribute cash or gifts to this worthy program to benefit needy families in Eastwood during this holiday season.
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This year my wife and I are coordinating the Christmas Angel tree for Bailey Middle school. The need is greater then ever. Last year we sponsored 25 children in 6 fmilies from our Eastwood Neighbors middle school and we brighten the holiday for many lonely senior citizens of our community all thanks to the generous support of our friends and family.

This season we hope to do more.To do more we need your help. Here are ways you can help.
Get together with your friends,colleagues and parishioneers to sponsor a family;
Sponsor a child;
Donate an unwrapped gift;
Contribute in the form of cash,check of gift card (you can re-gift that gift card you will never use);
Suggestions -Toys for children of all ages, because brothers and sisters come in all sizes
Clothing (underwear, socks, coats, shirts, sweaters, pants, scarfs, gloves, mittens, hats, etc.); a pretty purse with some costume jewelry.

Even the smallest donation will help.


Micheal and Patty Klamann
705 Setliff Place
226-5125 to leave a message