Friday, February 27, 2015

Here is an update from board member Brett Withers on the contextual overlay for Rolling Acres and a portion of Eastwood not already covered by our conservation overlay:

The Rolling Acres/Eastwood Contextual Overlay was pulled from the Consent Agenda but was approved.  The developers who have built so much product on Scott Ave, Powers, and other areas of our neighborhoods were there to oppose.  But neighbors wrote and spoke about their canvassing outreach efforts and the Planning Commissioners recommended approval.  The legislation is now considered pending as of today, so building permits pulled as of yesterday are grandfathered.  
The permits pulled in the last two days' run up to the Contextual Overlay application include:
-709 Skyview in Rolling Acres:  duplex that will conform to Duplex Bill (770) in terms of height/width but that will have attached (street-facing) garages.
-721 Powers Ave in Rolling Acres:  duplex that will conform to Duplex Bill (770) in terms of height/width, which Codes indicates could reach up to 33 feet.
-112 Rosebank Ave in Eastwood:  four houses will go in on this lot, which had been previously subdivided.  Each house will be about 2,000 SF and two stories (1,000 SF approx coverage each).  It may be the case that these will be front-to-back instead of side-by-side duplexes.  Either site plan is allowable under the Duplex Bill, whereas the Contextual Overlay would have limited primary residences to being along the front setback only.  No information at all in this permit about garages.  Those permits could come later.