Friday, April 29, 2016

Notes from April 12, 2016 Meeting

Tuesday, April 12
Eastwood Neighbors Business Meeting

The Great American Cleanup goes from March 1-May 31. Mayor Berry's Spring Cleaning is scheduled for April 23 in honor of local Earth Day festivities. Eastwood Neighbors is not organizing a specific event this week due to scheduling conflicts, but anyone interested in activities throughout the city can get more information at (

Nashville is in need of poll workers to staff voting locations in the city. Anyone interested in volunteering for the November presidential election is encouraged to participate in local elections in August. Interested parties can get more information here:

Update on the adaptive reuse/infill project at Hobson Church (corner of Greenwood and Chapel). Oak Tree Partners' Clay Haynes recently met with ENA president Cliff Lippard and councilman Brett Withers to share a near-final landscape site plan. There is also now a web site for the development where interested parties can sign up for email updates:

Sergeant Fisher presented the crime recap of the past 30 days. There were 12 total incidents from March 12 to April 11. Of those 12, six were vehicle break-ins. Three of those break-ins were called in by concerned neighbors, resulting in immediate arrests. Two of the vehicles were unlocked, and one had expensive audio equipment in plain sight (message: lock your car and hide your valuables). Sergeant Fisher also recommended serrating one's registration stickers and using specialty bolts to affix plates to discourage either from being stolen. There were two burglaries at the apartments on N. 12th, two aggravated assaults, a shoplifter at CitiTrends, and debit card left behind then stolen from Rosepepper.

Following a discussion of two armed robberies that occurred last month, Sgt. Fisher recommended that neighbors should let him know if they notice streetlights out. His email address:

Following in the steps of NashvilleNEXT and nMotion, the city is now master-planning its sidewalks and bikeway infrastructure. There was a kickoff meeting on April 15, but folks can get information from the Walk-n-Bike web site ( and are encouraged to fill out this survey:

Treasurer Jerry Vandiver reported $120 in dues earned since last meeting, improving out budget to $2,853.91. Neighbors are encouraged to visit our web site for more information about membership:

Councilman Withers reported that paving is planned for Gallatin Road from W. Eastland to Hart Lane over the next few months following a current ongoing water project on the corridor.

New local business owner Kaitlyn Smous introduced nine 12 design, which specializes in residential renovations and additions. More information available on their web site:

Adam Carter of Civic Engineering discussed the sidewalk project that has been planned for Franklin Avenue (on the north side of the street, from 16th to Manchester). The work will include curb and gutter throughout and be ADA compliant. They are expecting to be ready to start construction "within three months."

The next Odd Month (neighborhood Happy Hour) is planned for Tuesday, May 10, at Two Ten Jack. We'll plan to meet at 5:30 p.m. An accurate count will help us secure space, and Cliff will be reaching out closer to the date seeking RSVPs.

There was a brief discussion about the possibility of participating in the Tomato Arts Fest in August, either through a tent or walking in the parade. Vice president Bob Rehley is exploring the costs of t-shirts or hats to advertise our group.

Greenwood resident Robert Johnson is interested in formulating a green travel plan for the Eastland corridor, specifically as it relates to pedestrians and cyclists at a future signalized intersection by the Walden development at Chapel and Eastland. He is interested in knowing neighbors thoughts on road capacity and parking vs. multimodal access. He will present the topic at the June 14th meeting and would appreciate candid feedback. In the meantime, Robert can be reached via email at