Friday, November 30, 2007

Crime Prevention

This was posted recently on the listserve by Bob Acuff.

Thanks to all on this list that have taken active steps to prevent crime. Something as simple as passing tips and info to your near neighbors can have a lasting effect.

We are now in a higher crime period of the year. Armed & strong arm robberies are happening everywhere. Many are operating with a drop & pickup vehicle. If you see a vehicle with several occupants driving slowly around your area, they may be lost or looking for the party they were invited to attend. If you can, jot down down time descp & tag, or take a cell phone picture. The drop vehicles will seem to be the same thing except they are trolling for victims.

If you are walking your dog it is unlikely for robbers to pick you because dogs are unpredictable and they have sharp teeth. To be safer, take only your cell phone and unmarked house key.

If you are expecting visitors to your home, have them call so you can watch their backs till they get inside. Do the same as they leave.

If an incident or attempt should happen call police ASAP. As each 1 minute passes, a vehicle could be 1/4-1/2 mile further away from the scene. It takes practice to be a good witness, you must collect details under stressful situations. Try it a few times when there is no stress. You would like to get a detail that seperates the suspect and/or vehicle from the others on the street.

Please pass this info on to friends, neighbors, relatives.