Monday, August 24, 2009

Door Knockers and Crime Listserve

Just in case you are not a regular viewer of the East Nashville Crime Listserve, I wanted everyone to be aware of some door knockers that are going around.

There is one guy, probably in his 40s, blond hair, going around with a sob story about how he just moved to the area with his kids, he's a cabinet maker and he has a job starting on Monday and he needs $22 to buy a bus pass. In my case he threw in some other information about having cancer and radiation treatment. Either way, he's been in Edgefield, Lockeland Springs, and Eastwood Neighbors. He's making the rounds and more than a few have posted about it on the Crime Listserve. BOLO!

If you want to stay in touch with what's happening or see something dodgy yourself that you would like neighbors to be aware of, the East Nashville Crime Listserve is the place to do it.

Also, don't forget to ring 862-8600 (non-emergency police) if you see something that just doesn't look or feel right.

For information on all the East Nashville listserves (or if you just want to know what a listserve is!), click here.