Monday, April 2, 2012

Next Eastwood Neighbors Meeting is April 10th; New Eastwood Business Spotlight Column

The next Eastwood Neighbors meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 10th at 6:30 PM at Eastwood Christian Church, 1601 Eastland Ave. All are invited to learn about some positive developments in the neighborhood. We are also looking for submissions for neighborhood beautification awards. Bring pics and a brief description.

In other news, Eastwood is starting a new Eastwood Business Spotlight. We're mostly a residential neighborhood, but we also include businesses along Gallatin, Eastland and Porter. The first installment of the Eastwood Business Spotlight features the Nashville Biscuit House at 805 Gallatin Ave. This article was contributed by Mia Calderon.

* * * *

I wouldn't have guessed from the home-style exterior, but the excellent service, cafe feel and tasty brunch I enjoyed at the Nashville Biscuit House this week left me wanting to linger in my booth and discover more.

I was warmly greeted by Julia, a long time employee who sat me at a booth, and took my order with a smile. Almost immediately, I was served the steaming egg, bacon and cheese biscuit with collard greens, and the side of macaroni and cheese I was craving. The biscuit’s buttery flakes were the perfect compliment to the crispy bacon, eggs, creamy cheese and fresh greens I devoured. I’m a business woman - always on the go - and felt perfectly comfortable in the house’s cafe style booth seating. I ate slowly, typing away to get my work done, and Julia was glad to keep the coffee coming, thank goodness. I didn’t feel pushed out like I would’ve at a conventional restaurant. It was a homey place to hang out.

“We get a lot of tourists”, Melissa Borowiak says of the establishment. “We’re a small staff - only nine employees - and we’re like family.” As manager and daughter of owner, Marie Hill, Borowiak noted that she moved from Michigan to help her mother when NBH’s weekend lines were growing and responsibility needed to be delegated in order to grow the restaurant.

When I asked, “why East Nashville?” Borowiak answered with a smile, “She wanted to move to Tennessee for a while, but East Nashville chose her”.

Marie Hill purchased the business from a previous owner last August and wanted to preserve the southern hospitality, family cooking, and decades of the cozy home town feel she had inherited. Before the purchase, Hill was a loyal employee and fan of the decades-old meet and three. Hill has implemented some creative options to a mostly traditional menu.

“Deep fried goodness,” says Borowiak, is the staple across their southern influenced choices. She said that East Nashville customers they receive are pleased by their new egg white, turkey bacon and other alternative healthy options NBH has implemented, however.

When asked, “so, what’s the future look like for the Nashville Biscuit House?” Borowiak explained that they there are talks of an exterior face-lift and patio seating next year, if plans go well.

Chef for sixteen years, “Pee Wee,” is often asked for by name by their customers. “Pee Wee” often graces her chef’s special with eclectic picks like the Chicken Parmesan dish they offered last week. Hill has also tossed up dessert options, and declined my interview while baking pies - of course.

Showcasing homemade dessert picks has become a priority, according to Borowiak. She encouraged me to come back to try homemade gems like peanut butter pie, banana pudding, and fudge pie. I will gratefully accept that invitation.