Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Go Green Nashville! Save Money by Saving Energy!

Chelsea Hamilton from Village Real Estate visited Eastwood's February meeting to tell us about the reinvigoration of the District 6 Energy Fix campaign. This campaign is part of Go Green Nashville, which is a city-wide initiative to reduce Nashville’s energy consumption through home energy retrofits. More than 40% of America’s carbon emissions come from heating, cooling, lighting, and operating buildings. In neighborhoods characterized by unique and historic homes, like Eastwood, that percentage can be even higher. District 6 Energy Fix is a neighborhood-focused effort to reduce home energy use; saving homeowners money though reduced energy costs and through available rebates! Currently, up to $700 in rebates are available to homeowners who perform an energy retrofit, in addition to lowered electric bills, and increased home value! More information can be found at and questions can be directed to or 615-383-6964.