Monday, December 2, 2013

December 10th Meeting Will Feature Call For Volunteers, Information Session About Conservation Zoning Overlay

Eastwood's next meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 10th at Eastwood Christian Church, 1601 Eastland Ave.  The meeting will start at 6:30 PM.  There are two items on the agenda:

(1) Call for volunteers.  Eastwood Neighbors has been fortunate to have a stable body of volunteers over the last few years to help set neighborhood agendas.  Several of these volunteers now need to rotate out of those roles.  Eastwood will need some new volunteers to help keep our neighborhood's momentum going forward in 2014.  Time commitments are minimal.  Please attend the meeting and bring your ideas and your skills.

(2) Information session about conservation zoning overlay (CZO) expansion proposal. Some of our neighbors who live in parts of the neighborhood that currently lie outside of the CZO are concerned about some recent demolitions of historic homes and the nature of some of the new structures that are replacing them.  These neighbors have expressed an interest in expanding Eastwood's CZO area to protect more of our area's historic homes from demolition and to provide design guidelines for new construction and additions. 

Councilman Peter Westerholm and representatives from the Metro Historic Zoning Commission, which administers the overlay, will answer questions from neighbors about this process.  Neighbors are also encouraged to view the online information about Eastwood's CZO at

Property owners whose homes lie outside the CZO are encouraged to contact Brett Withers as soon as possible to complete a survey form.   These surveys will form the basis for a decision about which areas may be added to the CZO expansion in the near future. 

Note:  Eastwood recently heard from neighbors on Setliff Place that they are not interested in adding the overlay to their blocks.  Therefore, this CZO expansion proposal will not include Setliff Place.