Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Notice: MHZC staff will be conducting an architectural resources study of some Eastwood properties between December 2013 and February 2014

Because there is interest in our neighborhood for a potential expansion of the Eastwood Neighborhood Conservation Zoning Overlay, staff and volunteers of the Metro Historic Zoning Commission will be conducting an architectural resources survey of the area inside the dotted lines in the map below. The architectural resources survey activities will take place between now and the end of February. This survey is essential to determine whether or not the neighborhood meets the qualifications for the overlay.

The survey includes documenting the OUTSIDE of the buildings with digital photographs and completing a simple form about the building's architectural features and materials. The surveyor will not need to enter any buildings on your property. MHZC staff will not be knocking on doors but will be taking photographs of all four sides of a building including outbuildings. Staff will not enter closed gates - even if they are unlocked.

If you have information about the history of your home or changes to your property, please feel free to share with the surveyor or send to Robin Zeigler, robinDOTzeiglerATnashvilleDOTgov - 615-862-7970.

The map of the study area is shown in the dotted lines and is available online at: