Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Additional Information Sources Regarding Eastwood's Conservation Zoning Overlay Expansion Proposal

At the December 10th, 2013 Eastwood Neighbors meeting Robin Zeigler from the Metro Historic Zoning Commission (MHZC) provided an overview of how additions, demolitions and new construction projects are reviewed under Eastwood's Conservation Zoning Overlay (CZO). Property owners are encouraged to contact Robin at robinDOTzeiglerATnashvilleDOTgov, 615-862-7970 with further questions. The next information session is currently being scheduled for January and the details will be announced soon.

Below are some links to useful information sources where you can learn more.

The main page for the Metro Historic Zoning Commission, which administers the CZO can be found at http://www.nashville.gov/Historical-Commission/About/Historic-Zoning-Commission.aspx. This page includes quick links to information about obtaining a preservation permit, the design guidelines for each neighborhood CZO area, including Eastwood's, and FAQs.

The direct link to Eastwood's Design Guidelines document, which includes the present boundaries, can be found at http://www.nashville.gov/Portals/0/SiteContent/MHZC/docs/Design%20Guidelines/Eastwood%202013revised.pdf

The map of the current CZO boundaries and the potential expansion study area is shown below and at http://www.nashville.gov/Historical-Commission/About/Historic-Zoning-Commission/Whats-New.aspx

Eastwood Neighbors is inviting owners of properties inside the dotted-line areas to consider the expansion proposal for their property and complete a survey indicating whether they do or do not support a potential expansion of the overlay to include their property. The survey results will demonstrate which areas have the most support for an expansion proposal.

Note: The actual boundaries of any potential expansion proposal will be determined based upon survey responses and will be presented at an upcoming meeting. The inclusion of blocks in this study area does not indicate that those blocks will actually be included in any expansion proposal.

Block captain volunteers will be contacting property owners in the near future to complete a survey. Property owners may also contact Brett Withers at bwithers365ATgmailDOTcom to obtain a copy.