Saturday, February 22, 2014

Urgent call for memberships, donations to defray Overlay legal notice requirements

Results of the Conservation Zoning Overlay expansion property owner survey were reported at the February 11th Eastwood Neighbors meeting. Over 80% of property owners who returned surveys indicated that they would support an expansion of the Conservation Zoning Overlay to include their street or block. An analysis of those responses identified four non-contiguous areas adjacent to the existing Overlay boundaries where strong property owner support for an expansion was indicated. Councilman Westerholm has filed the expansion proposal with the Metro Planning Department that includes those four areas. The Planning Department has set a schedule for the three required public hearings in which this rezoning will be considered.

Eastwood Neighbors now must meet legal notice requirements for those three public hearings. Those requirements include a legal notice in the newspaper of record (the Tennessean), signage and mailings. The preliminary cost estimate of those items is $3,000, which must be met by the first week of March.

In order to meet this financial obligation, Eastwood is placing an urgent call for memberships or donations between Saturday, February 22nd and Saturday, March 1st. Memberships can be paid via PayPal by going to the Memberships tab on this blog. In order to avoid transaction fees, the preferred payment method is by checks made payable to Eastwood Neighbors, Inc and mailed to:

Eastwood Neighbors
P.O. Box 68397
Nashville, TN 37206

Memberships and donations to Eastwood Neighbors are not tax deductible.