Monday, August 12, 2019

Eastwood Neighbors 8/13/19 Business Meeting

Join your fellow Eastwood neighbors for our business meeting tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 13
6:30-7:30pm (sharp end time)
Eastwood Christian Church

Agenda items include:
  • Brief story re: Eastwood Roots theme
  • Officer Fisher with updates on neighborhood safety
  • Amy at the Office of Conservatorship
  • A budget update from Sydnee
  • A tour of available online Eastwood Neighbors resources and an update on our memberships for 2019
  • An invite to the next Odd Month social gatherings: a September movie night at Hwesi's behind Eastwood Church on 9/10 and possible repeat of our March storytelling event in Nov. if there's interest
  • A reminder about the 9/12 runoff election for Mayor and At-Large Council seats
  • Miriam at WeGo Public Transportation to address latest bus changes and discuss the fate of the number 20 bus (Scott Route)
  • Updates from Councilperson Withers
  • An update from Bob on his work with the Historic Commission
  • Back to school: Welcoming our newest school neighbors, Nashville Classical; needs of neighborhood schools
  • A progress report on planning for next year's Conference for Neighbors from Jackie
  • We're also interested in learning about special skills, interests, and project ideas you have to strengthen our neighborhood community and organization. Elections are coming up in December! We're also happy to have folks help on one-off events, such as Steph's incredible facilitation of our March Eastwood Roots event.
Looking forward to seeing you!
- Your Eastwood Neighbors Board