Saturday, April 3, 2010

Please Help!

Hi everyone,
As many of you have probably heard, several families were displaced Thursday
night due to a fire on Wilburn Street in the McFerrin Park neighborhood of
East Nashville. At least 12 people lost everything they own. They were
renters and did not have insurance. Additional people have been turned out
of their homes due to smoke and water damage, so there may be more needs
apparent in the morning.

Currently, all the needs are for adults. Please find clothing sizes below.
If you have any clothing that you can contribute, please let me know via
email or call me at 347-2283 and we will arrange pick up. If you would
prefer to drop off, you may do so at my house: 1004 Stainback. Obviously,
items for which I don't have sizes such as underwear, socks, etc would also
be welcomed.

In addition to clothing, these folks are going to need all the other basic
necessities. Beds, kitchen items, other furniture, linens, toiletries,
etc. Anything you can provide would be welcomed.

I am in the process of setting up a fund at a local bank and will share that
information when it becomes available.
Women's shirts*
Small (2 people)
Medium (2 people)
Large (2 people)

*Women's pants*
7/8 (2 people)
9/10 (2 people)
X-Large (2 people)

*Women's bras*
36B (2 people)
[didn't get sizes for everyone]

*Women's shoes*

3 or 4





8 (two people)

11-12 or size 10 tennis shoes

*Men's shirts*
Large (2 people)
X-Large (2 people)
Men's pants*

32L 32W


36L 34W


*Men's shoes*
11 (2 people)

Thank you for any help you can provide.