Monday, March 18, 2013

Suspect Charged In Recent Eastwood Burglaries

East Precinct police have made an arrest of a person who is a suspect in several of the recent burglaries in the Eastwood area. Detectives were able to identify stolen items including jewelry that the suspect sold to pawn shops, which communicate lists of inventory and the identity of the sellers to police. Detectives were able to use this information to identify the suspect and search his residence on McKennie Ave near many of the recent burglaries. During a search of the residence, police found additional items matching photos and descriptions from recent burglaries. The suspect has a prior record of jewelry theft and was out on probation. Police are charging this individual with several of the crimes and are working to return items to their rightful owners. These additional charges may lead to a lengthy sentence for this repeat offender, who happens to be one of our neighbors.

Thanks to our East Precinct officers for their great work in catching this suspect and returning items that were stolen from our neighbors to their rightful owners.

We encourage everyone to keep track of serial numbers and to take photos of your valuables. In the event that you are a victim of a burglary, this information is crucial to helping the police to convict the burglar and to return your items to you.

We also encourage everyone to remain vigilant and to call 862-8600 if you see any suspicious activity. This particular person has been caught, but there may be others out there. It is better for everyone involved to enable the police to catch someone in the act rather than to pick up the pieces afterward.