Monday, May 5, 2014

Two Eastwood items will be considered at the Thursday, May 8th Planning Commission Hearing

Two Eastwood items will be considered at the Thursday, May 8th Planning Commission hearing. The full staff reports document for that hearing can be found at

The first Eastwood case is Agenda Item 17: Case 2014SP-031-001 for Gentry Cottages. This is a Specific Plan to develop two parcels on Gentry Ave between Franklin Ave and Fall Street that contain one historic house which will be renovated and one non-historic house that has since been moved offsite. See pages 92-97 of the staff reports for full details.

A notice had been mailed that incorrectly indicated that the total number of proposed residential units would be 14. The correct number of proposed residential units is 10. The mailing should have indicated that "this Specific Plan is a request to rezone from R6 to SP-R zoning for properties located at 207 and 209 Gentry Avenue, approximately 245 feet west of Porter Road (0.91 acres), to permit up to 10 residential dwelling units, requested by Dean Design Group, applicant; Gentry Partners, owner."

Gentry Partners made a formal presentation with some of the immediate neighbors over the winter in preparation for a formal presentation at the February Eastwood Neighbors general meeting. The presentation at that meeting considered the possibility of 15 total residential units including the historic house on Gentry. Gentry Partners has since revised the proposal based on feedback received during that meeting as well as subsequent individual and small-group conversations with neighbors. The revised proposal that will be considered at Thursday's Planning Commission hearing is for a total of 10 total residential units.

The second Eastwood-related case is Agenda Item 24: Case 2014S-077-001 for a lot subdivision at 301-303 Manchester. See pages 126-129 of the staff reports for full details. This lot subdivision will use land from the rear of these two parcels to create a new lot facing Benjamin Street between Chapel and Manchester opposite where a new house is currently being constructed. The new building that will be constructed on this new subdivided lot will be reviewed by the Metro Historic Zoning Commission. Neighbors will be able to participate in that public hearing when it is scheduled.